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By: judithdisalvo | June 16, 2017

My father wasn’t perfect but he was the perfect father for me. Carl DiSalvo was religious, conservative, and strict. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup or date until I was 16-years-old. Little did he know, my unconventional, bohemian, fun-loving mom helped me circle those issues so I could avoid being a social Neanderthal in high school. I spent nights out on the weekends allot! I felt like Dad was trying to prepare me for the convent instead of the business he would one day want me to help run. He was also very generous and kind. He didn’t say “I love you” much but his actions spoke volumes.

After he served his country in WWII as a flight engineer, my dad began his career as a used car salesman, eventually partnered with the owner, then bo...

By: PenPower | June 15, 2016

When couples split up, some fathers hand over the keys to the SUV and a list of mommy duties to the ex-wife; not the case with Chris, the father of our son, Louis. Chris juggled a demanding career while he sat in the drivers’ seat of his own Jeep half the week. He cooked, cleaned, drove car pool, played golf instructor and baseball coach, chaperoned parties (he loved that), and played teenage police detective until Lou went away to college. Lou was number one for him and still is now. There is never a time when Chris won’t drop whatever he’s doing to talk to Louis about the good, the bad or the grizzly stuff that life throws at all of us at one time or another.

My husband Timothy has three children, Nicholas, Mia, and Eli, from his previou...

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