By: judithdisalvo | March 14, 2017

The latest issue of Virtuoso Life Magazine (March/April 2017) featured me in their “Why I Travel” article. I’m quoted as saying, “It (traveling) teaches me about who I am. Sometimes you need to get a little lost to find yourself.”

Since this is a blog about my writing adventures, I venture to say the quote also applies to the characters I write about. Getting a little lost, then finding their way with help from friends, is a good template for a compelling story. Could the quest to find our way lie in our DNA or maybe our primal brain?

Santa Fe's Baldy Mountain
View of Santa Fe's Baldy Mountain

My last post was about the passing of my mother. For the last half year, she lived here on our farm with Tim and me. Upon her passing, home for me became a sad place and so, for a month or so, I took off on a retreat to a favorite destination, Santa Fe. Returning home recently, it was time to clean mom’s little house and go through her things. Yes, still hard, but the treasures were worth it.

One such treasure is the discovery that she had noted one of my favorite quotes years before I came across it. It’s the most famous from writer Simone de Beauvoir, the opening line in Book II of The Second Sex: “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” So thank you again, June Bug, for raising me in an atmosphere of “becoming” and also inspiring me, and hence my characters, to risk being a little lost.

Springtime is about to bloom on the farm and I am home.

Judith Hennessey, March 2017