By: PenPower | October 06, 2016

Back at the Ranch Boots
"Back at the Ranch"

“I’m so proud of you!” I heard it over and over again as people approached me with hugs. Some of these folks I had not seen for several years, yet they were there, at my very first rodeo, the launching of my novel by the same name. The first night, at Evoke Contemporary, my favorite visual art space, I felt so much love and support. Some folks drove over an hour to show up, see me, wish me well and purchase a signed book. It was magical.

The next day at Back at the Ranch, my favorite wearable art custom boot store, I was equally blown away. They had set up the most fabulous table with books, boots, spurs and hides that delighted the senses and made my heart burst open with gratitude. More folks filtered into the store. There were new faces; my husband had invited two couples from our hotel. And friends that had come the night before stopped by AGAIN. Plus there were others that could not make it the evening before. Again, “I am so proud of you” was what I heard. Well, I want to say, "I am so proud of them." My eyes tear up as I feel so blessed and grateful to all of these people in New Mexico that took the time out of their hectic, busy lives to come see me and buy a novel that I poured my heart and soul into for nearly fifteen years. THANK YOU! You know who you are.

Judy Hennessey, Oct. 2016