By: PenPower | June 01, 2016

If you don’t know who Julia Cameron is, you need to introduce yourself to her via Google, Facebook, your local bookstore or Amazon. Better yet – you can meet her in person Saturday, June 11th at the Skylight Santa Fe at New Mexico Women in Film’s June event. They will be presenting Julia with their annual Sage Award. Each year, NMWIF chooses one woman who has made a great contribution to the arts in New Mexico. In this case, in my opinion, Julia has reached far beyond the southwest – more like the entire world.

Julia Cameron changed my life forever. For real – no joke – I am drop dead serious. Her book, The Artist Way, was the tool that gave me the courage to leave my safe, corporate, rather cushy job, move to the middle of nowhere in Colorado and pursue my dream of being an artist.  (Evidence: very love worn copy above.)

Thank you, Julia, for being fearless, for digging deep in your own soul only to teach us how to do the same. I am forever grateful. You continue to inspire me each and every day – even when I miss my morning pages!

—Judith Hennessey, June 1, 2016