By: PenPower | June 15, 2016

When couples split up, some fathers hand over the keys to the SUV and a list of mommy duties to the ex-wife; not the case with Chris, the father of our son, Louis. Chris juggled a demanding career while he sat in the drivers’ seat of his own Jeep half the week. He cooked, cleaned, drove car pool, played golf instructor and baseball coach, chaperoned parties (he loved that), and played teenage police detective until Lou went away to college. Lou was number one for him and still is now. There is never a time when Chris won’t drop whatever he’s doing to talk to Louis about the good, the bad or the grizzly stuff that life throws at all of us at one time or another.

My husband Timothy has three children, Nicholas, Mia, and Eli, from his previous marriage. Like Chris, he lives by the same dad code; a challenge when it’s x3 and after we got married, x4. An instant hit as a stepdad, Timothy taught Louis how to use power tools, ride ATVs and motor cross bikes. As a result, Timothy also got the call when any of one those machines were broken down or stuck in the mud. He always answered with a smile, never a frown. Now young adults, two out of his three kids live out of town. Timothy is “on call” 24/7. His phone is the umbilical cord that keeps him joined to them, day and night, in sickness, health, thru employment drama, and still, “I’m trying to fix the_______. What do I do?”

What is really cool is that this dynamic dad duo are not only great dads, but are now good friends. When Chris is home for the holidays, they share a few adult beverages, swap stories and bad male humor jokes – and that’s no joke! I’m truly a lucky woman, but the real winners are our kids!

Happy Fathers Day! 

Judith Hennessey, June, 2016