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“First Rodeo is a celebration of one of life’s most underrated truths: The most precious relationship is the one you have with yourself.”  ~ REDBOOK MAGAZINE 
"20 Books By Women You Must Read This Fall"
“Here’s a love-yourself story you won’t be able to put down.”
~ Working Mother, “21 New Books to Fall for This Autumn”
“Hennessey has crafted a narrative that effectively builds on the tropes of chick-lit and cowboy romance to take some deeper turns… An engaging, nuanced female awakening journey in the West.” ~ Kirkus Reviews
“…at its heart this story about a single mother blazing new trails after finding business success is plenty appealing.”
 ~ Booklist


Judith Hennessey reviewed the Vermejo property of the Ted Turner Reserves in New Mexico.

St. Louis Post Dispatch Travel article


Judith Hennessey was Executive Producer for award winning short film, 20 Ways.

Enjoy the trailer.

20_WAYS_TRAILER_HD2.mp4 from Duchy Parade Films

20_WAYS_TRAILER_HD2.mp4 from Duchy Parade Films

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